2020 Annual Triathlon

‪  Currently, the 2020 Lionheart Annual Invitational Triathlon is postponed due to temporary State Liquor Authority restrictions on group events, including pol and dart games. The Lionheart Pub and Brewery will provide periodic updates on this website and via social media as State policies evolve. -Jerry‬

2019 Annual Triathlon

‪  Congratulations to Lionheart Triathlon 5-Time champions! It was a tight race between them and Team Freddy. Until we meet on the battle weary fields of Sycamore Country Club next year! -Jerry‬

2019 Triathlon Participants

The 2019 Champions surrounded by the 2019 losers.

2019 Triathlon Winners

The 2019 Lionheart Triathlon Champions with their champions mugs filled with beer, money, and pride!


This is archived footage of Libby, who was not present at the 2019 competition. It wasn't the same without her... Much more peaceful and serene. #Where'sLibby

2018 Annual Triathlon

‪  Congratulations to Lionheart Triathlon 4-Time champions Ben, Dave, Dom and Sean! After a tie at the end of regulation play, they edged out "PURDIES BIRDIES" in a nail biting playoff pool match to take the coveted championship. Great people & good friends! See you all next year -Jerry‬


2018 Lionheart Triathlon at Sycamore Country Club


‪4-Time Champions Ben, Dave, Dom and Sean


The victors, as they contemplate a fifth title in 2019.


Freddie recovers - a casualty of the grueling triathlon.


The Lionheart's darling, Libby - expressing her opinion on the outcome of the razor thin victory - as the victors edges out Team "Purdies Birdies".


English Steel Tip Darts


Finishing the final events during the 2018 Lionheart Triathlon.

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