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Dart Leagues

Monday Master's League
Score Sheets and Stats
Wednesday Big League
Score Sheets and Stats
Lionheart League Rules
Event Calendar
The Lionheart Spring Dart Leagues will return following the Holidays and end approximately 12-15 weeks later (will be finalized after the teams are formed based on league size). Following the Spring Season, we will take a Summer break and begin the following Fall after Labor Day.

Monday Night - Masters Dart League

League Time: Monday Nights (Meet ~7:00 - Begin: 7:30 prompt)

Week 1 Start Date: 23 January 2023

Draft Date: Monday, 16 January 2023 @ 7:00 pm

Registration Location: Lionheart Pub

Registration Fee: $85

Teams: Individual Sign-up. Teams are formed with using a draft pick.

Alternate Sign-up (NLT Draft Date):

1) Send E-mail to:

2) Facebook Message: Albany Lionheart Pub

3) Facebook Message: Fred Kirkland (Mutual Friend of Lionheart)

Wednesday Night - Big Dart League

League Time: Wednesday Nights (Meet ~6:30 - Begin: ~6:40)

Start Date: 1 February 2023

Organizational Meeting: 1 February 2023 - Team Captains and Individual Sign Ups

Registration Location: Lionheart Pub

Registration Fee: $60

Teams (3-6 players): Sign-up as a full team (3-6 players), partial team (2 players), or as an individual (Individuals will be placed on teams by Lionheart staff)

Alternate Sign-up (NLT Start Date):

1) Send E-mail to:

2) Facebook Message: Albany Lionheart Pub

3) Facebook Message: John Kivelin (Mutual Friend of Lionheart)

4) Leave contact information with any bartender at the Lionheart

General Coordinating Instructions:

Forming a Big League Team: Forming a team is easy! One individual is designated the Team Captain. The Team Captain should try to recruit 2-5 other players. Players that sign up as individuals will be added to teams to meet minimum teams size or increase team sizes. Anyone interested in forming a team should contact us. Teams play a total of 12 dart matches on league nights. If only three players show up, players will play more matches (six matches per individual). As more players from a team show up, the individuals will play less matches that night - if a team has six players show, each individual will play three matches. 


Late Sign-up: If you miss the sign up deadline, contact us and we will try our best to work you in. Teams can continue to add players all the way up to Week 5.


Schedule: Each league schedule is dependent on how many teams join. Each Wednesday team plays each other once during regular season, usually 11-15 weeks. Monday Masters League team play once or twice depending on the league size, usually 8-10 week seasons. 

What You Pay For:100% of all fees support the league and are returned to the players in the form of cash payouts, prizes, and the end of season party. The Wednesday Big League fees cover an open bar at the end of season party.


Drink Specials: Dart Leagues will receive special weekly drink specials.

Timely Starts: All leagues are going to begin at the scheduled time to prevent late nights. At start time, at least ONE team member must be there to begin league play at 6:30 SHARP! Teams that are late or become unable to source a player during the match will forfeit one game for every 15 minute delay unless both team captains coordinate the delay prior to 6:30 on the league night. The first forfeited game occurs at 7:00, with the overall match being forfeited at 7:30.

What is the difference between "Big League" and "Masters" Leagues:

-The Big League is for players that range from novice (never thrown darts) to more advanced players. The purpose of this league is for friends to get together, have fun, meet other players, and learn/hone dart skills. The league utilizes a handicap scoring system that updates based on player weekly stats to ensure that novice players can play - and win against - more advanced players.

-The Masters League is for more competitive players and does not utilize a handicap system for scoring. More novice and intermediate players should not be discouraged from joining this league. The teams are formed through a draft system, which creates teams of mixed skill levels - replacing the requirement for a handicap system. Each team's highly skilled player competes against the highly skilled players on other teams, while more novice players compete against the most novice players on other teams. A benefit of the draft system is that it places individuals, previously unknown to each other, on the same team -- forging new acquaintances and lifelong friendships.

How do different sized Big League Teams play? As described above, two teams play a total of 12 games (six 301 games [single player per team] and six cricket games [two players per team]) each league night. This creates 18 opportunities for players to shoot darts each night. A three person team will find that each player plays in six games. As additional players are added, players will play less games per night. If all six players on a team of six compete in a single night, each player would compete in three of the twelve total games. Only three players are required to play on any given night, and teams may use substitutes to meet the three player minimum.


Individual and Team Stats: Individual and team stats, as well as the league rules and new amendments to those rules, will be updated weekly and posted to the links at the top of this page. 


Social Media: Facebook posts with a link to the dart league page will be sent immediately following score and stat updates. Use push notifications to receive an immediate notification as soon as they are posted. Let your Team Captains know if you want us to use additional social media outlets.

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