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2023 Fall Big League


Team One Klu Three: John, Rich, and Eric

In a knock down slugfest, Team One Klu Three defeated Not The Milkman's in the 2023 Fall Championship. The match was the antithesis of an underdog story. John Klu led his team with impeccable leadership prowess, the likes of which have not been observed since the ancient world.  Alexander the Great and Hernan Cortez burned their ships after amphibious landings to ensure their men understood that their options were victory or death by being pushed into the sea.  Taking a lesson from the history books, John Klu placed the men of One Klu Three on Sun Tsu's "death's ground," by giving them the unspoken ultimatum of winning or being banned from future Lionheart league play for eternity.


2022 Spring Big League

Dart Champions

Team JAMS: Jeremiah, Art, Matt, Sean

     In hindsight, this victory was as obvious a sequel as the Empire Strikes Back. After a crushing defeat in the Fall 2021 Finals, which may or not have resulted from an open bar combined with edibles, Matt kept his team sober and dart-minded, soundly defeating Team Kluish - a ragtag team assembled from the components of old teams, misfits, and ne'er-do-wells. 

2021 Fall Big League

Dart Champions

Team Wolfpack: Danny, Vinny, Kevin, and Jared

     There are scant historical equivalents that might serve as parables describing the Fall 2021 Finals match-up between teams JAMS and Wolfpack. Those examples such as the Biblical battle between David and Goliath or the English victory at Agincourt still fall short. Perhaps the closest historically accurate example would be if at the Greek Battle of Thermopylae, the 300 Spartans repelled the Persians at Thermopylae pass, and immediately marched to and seized Babylon - discovering general relativity and quantum mechanical theory along the way. The match was an unprecedented upset that only makes sense in a multiverse.

2019 Spring Big League

Dart Champions

Team Decresente: Brian, Damon, and Tim

2019 Spring Big League



Jimmy of Team Barracudas

2018 Fall Big League Dart Champions


Team Barracudas: Andrew, Kevin, and Jimmy

2018 Fall Dart League MVP

No known picture of Sarah exists. Historians are scrubbing the annals of history.

Sarah from Team "Freaked Out and Throwing Stuff

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